Five Stories Your Brand Should Tell

At Capital City Public Relations, we write a lot of press releases, even for clients who don’t think they have any “news” to share.

“Oh, we haven’t done anything new lately,” they’ll say. “There’s not really a story to tell.” And then we’ll ask a few questions and discover that’s not true at all.

If you’re ever stumped for a press release topic, fresh content for a section of your website, or a new marketing message to insert into an ad or editorial, consider these five brand stories that are sure to make both the media and public take renewed interest in your company.

A new hire or promotion

This is the low-hanging fruit of press releases. Did you recently hire someone new or promote an existing employee? If so, you should be telling everyone about it. Post a brief, happy announcement to social media and get a press release out that highlights the employee’s professional background and accomplishments as well as their new role and duties. This type of news shows that your company is thriving and that you celebrate and respect your employees.

A business problem or workplace issue your company solved

Did you recently develop a new method of organizing orders or requests? Or have you found a way to address a common workplace issue, such as disconnected departments and failing communications? If so, it’s likely that other companies face the same challenges, and there are journalists out there who cover workplace trends and would love to hear your story.

A new product, service or innovation that meets a consumer need

Perhaps you’ve integrated a new software program that improves efficiency for your clients, or you started carrying a new line of products. Or maybe you added a new dish to your restaurant’s menu or expanded business hours on Sundays. All of these updates, no matter how small, have a positive impact on your consumers and are worth broadcasting.

Your company’s mission, culture and values

It serves to periodically ask yourself, what does your company stand for, and what have you done recently to walk that talk? Maybe you recently introduced summer hours because you place importance on maintaining work/life balance. Or perhaps you promote communication and mutual respect through company-wide retreats or team-building programs. These are aspects of your company worth sharing with the world.

Your employees’ personal accomplishments and contributions

If you’re ever truly at a loss for news, look no further than your employees; odds are, they have something to brag about. Even if that accomplishment has nothing to do with your company, you (or your publicist!) might be able to creatively connect the dots. Outside of office hours, your employees are donating to charity, running marathons, raising families, and honing interesting skills, and this shows what a well-rounded, fun and accomplished team you have. That is definitely a story worth reading.