Eight Easy Tips for Creating Engaging Website Content

Small businesses in particular can find it difficult to keep a website current. How do you find the talent, time and money to do digital communication the right way?

Even if resources are limited, you can’t afford to let your website languish. Create a site that is mobile-friendly, and regularly review your site for SEO, security, and accessibility compliance. Identify performance goals and measure the ROI of your communication initiatives, and ensure consistent messaging across all of your communication channels.

If your website needs a refresh, creating new content is a terrific place to start. These tips will help you create timely, relevant, engaging website content that works for you.

Be brief. Write in short, concise, purposeful sentences and break up copy with subheads.

Make it personal. Know who your audience is. Give them relevant content written in a conversational style.

Be consistent. Communicate your business’ key messages with consistency and clarity.

Keep it clean. Make sure your copy is honest, accurate and free of jargon.

Be descriptive. Write with an active, authoritative voice and use vivid, descriptive language.

Ask for something. What do you want readers to do next? Ask them to take an action, and make the action easy for them.

Be thoughtful. Use keywords in your headline, subheads and copy, and include the most important information first.

Tell a story. Follow the “show, don’t tell” adage and use helpful lists, powerful images and informative videos to support your storytelling.

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