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Should You Patent or Not?

When it comes to software, its clear as mud. While patenting software innovations isn’t dead, the uncertainty of whether a particular software-related invention is patentable subject matter has become highly uncertain. Also, the average cost of obtaining a software-related patent for those applications that survive the subject matter inquisition is considerably higher than it was […]

How to put your best face forward for the holidays

Holiday photo shoots (including Facebook and Instagram posts) are upon us – they are inescapable. Even if you dodge the picture-taker in the family, inevitably someone catches a candid shot (or 10), and the next thing you know, there you are in all your gray-skinned/leftover-tan glory – for your sister’s 5,296 Facebook friends to gawk […]

Supporting the Chanda Plan Foundation

Beyond the Diploma: Ryan Martorano’s (CM ’98) passion for construction benefits CSU students and the Chanda Plan Foundation. In September 2015, Martorano was introduced to Chanda Hinton Leichtle, executive director of the Chanda Plan Foundation, whose current project is a 6.000-square-foot health center that provides a holistic, person-centered approach for individuals with long-term disabilities. “Living […]

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