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I Love You, says Gene Simmons

What, aside from words and logos, can be trademarked? Gene Simmons (of the rock band, “Kiss,” fame) recently filed a trademark application for the registration of a variation of the “devil horns” hand gesture, and it has caused some uproar in the music community among fans and fellow metal musicians. Can Gene Simmons trademark a […]

Workplace Bullies: They cost you your business

Tips to improve your life and business Employee turnover is the single most expensive cost for small to medium-sized businesses – at least it is in our business (and from the informal research I’ve conducted with other CEOs). A Gallup poll agrees with our findings. The study of more than 7,000 working American adults found that 50 […]

Do your shopping: Not all patents are equal

Every three to 10 years, the average consumer embarks on the process of buying a shiny new (or new-used) car. There are many decisions to be made as to the type of vehicle, amenities desired or considered essential; and the buyer’s budget. Considering price alone, there are few who would suggest there is no difference between […]

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