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Capital City PR: Clients in the News

First: Do No Harm

“We seek someone fundamentally nice. Life is too short to work with anyone else.” This is the most important line in our job postings. Even though we spell out who we are looking for, that elusive nice person can be hard to find. The “hire nice people” commitment has never been more critical. There will […]

DU Alumna Helps Those with Spinal Cord Injuries

“I have the best job ever. Every day I get to see that we are changing people’s lives and not everybody gets a job where that’s what they feel every day.” …Hinton Leichtle helps hundreds of people each year find the alternative therapies that will help them live with their spinal injuries. She has worked […]

The tale of the cheerleader and the protectable 2-D artwork

Anyone who works in the fashion or the arts is likely aware of the difficulty of protecting your designs, with the constant battle with knock-offs and copycat products. While brand names and distinctive elements can be protected under trademark law, smaller designers and brands often find themselves without recourse if their ideas are replicated. Recently, […]

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